So I got unforeseen message yesterday that my granny seemed extremely ill and  may pass that afternoon.

It was unforeseen since even though she’s 92, she hasn’t been extremely sick. She had a nurse with her since she’s been having back pain as well as we were trying to figure out her pain administration situation.
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I promptly went to see her as well as be with my family. It was extremely sad, however I’m grateful we had that time.

She passed away this afternoon. It was extremely tranquil as well as more than anything I’m glad for the timing that I a was there with my mom right then.

I want to share some random facts about my Grams as well as my connection with her. I like her extremely very much.

I don’t believe there is one right or typical method to have a family. So I’ll just state that my connection with my Grams was extremely special since I grew up living with her as well as my mom from birth till some point in high school. She played a Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Francia huge part in taking care of me as well as my sibling growing up.

She always yelled. This is most likely why I’m so loud.

She likes whiskey. She utilized to drink it with water however in her later years she changed to whiskey as well as soy milk to be healthy. Ha!

Her preferred Mariachi tune is Volver as well as I don’t believe anyone in my household can hear it without believing of her. It’s my preferred too.

Her other half (my mom’s dad) died when my mom was only 18. So, I never satisfied my grandpa. She dated when I was a youngster however never remarried.

One of my preferred youth videos is of Grams  asking my sibling to provide a blow-up Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Bélgica Easter bunny a  kiss. He takes a couple steps back as well as runs toward it as well as totally tackles it like a football player. Ha! Classic.

She played the piano. Come to believe about it, I truly don’t understand exactly how she learned.

She was completely bilingual however didn’t raise my mom speaking Spanish… then my mom didn’t raise me speaking it either. This makes me unfortunate as well as I truly want to discover it.

But she would get mad at us in Spanish, so we understand a few of those words…

She’d go to vegas a great deal when I was a youngster as well as bring my sibling as well as I adorable bit souvenirs…. small toy slot machines, fun key chains, random glittery dice… my preferred was a pair of nail clippers that I had for years.

She was a great cook. I keep in mind her making tacos as well as enchiladas a lot. I believe any type of type of meat ended up in a taco!

She liked elegant Persian cats as well as had two while I was growing up. One was Tiffany as well as the other was Cubby, however his official name was Sir Winston the III or something.

And since this publish needs a bit comic relief right here is a photo of me as the chubby lil feline dressing weirdo I was as well as still am…

I’m going to miss her.

Thank you so much for all your prayers as well as support on Instagram as well as Facebook. I truly appreciate it.




I likewise want to note…  my  podcast came out today. I recorded that very first episode over a month ago. In it I talk about exactly how I started running – for the longest time I would go see her as well as walk on her treadmill. It’s a coincidence that I mention her in it since I don’t talk about her that commonly as well as it introduced today as well as she passed away today.

The podcast is offered on RER to download however it takes a long time to get on iTunes as well as Stitcher. It will be offered there in the next two days. thanks for your patience on this. I’ll comply with up as soon as it’s offered there.



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