Two tips That will save Your Life–Actually one that may kill you so never mind.

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Yesterday I ran as well as ate. Oatmeal.

Then, I got some horrible news via email as well as I was freaking out.

See? like that. however it is serious as well as impacts my day to day life.

A recent research study by the Journal of the Missouri specify medical association discovered that long distance running over decades is connected with increased coronary plaque!

The research study is particularly speaking about “excessive endurance exercise” <- as well as compares the amount of running needed for marathon training to overdosing on a pill that is technically great for you. The full article will be offered right here in April. WTF right?! Then, I realized I don’t listen to anyone anyway. as well as if that’s exactly how I’m going to die I’ll go happy. And I appreciate that running can be compared to a vitamin – you requirement a specific amount to be healthy, as well much as well as it may hurt ya. Makes sense! whatever in moderation! <- do as I say, not as I do. I do nothing in moderation as well as I’m at peace with that. eat as well much, run as well much, cuss as well much, blog as well much, repeat myself as well much… But if you don’t want to run this was your out. You’re welcome.   In other breaking health and wellness news…. You Camiseta Copa Mundial de Fútbol will never assumption what is the healthiest method to eat unless you have typical sense as well as haven’t been living under a rock. But, a new article from the Atlantic is going to save our lives as well as tell us…

Scientists compare All Diets as well as tell us Which is the Healthiest

Dr. David Katz as well as Stephanie Meller compared: low carb, low fat, low glycemic, Mediterranean, mixed/balanced (DASH), Paleolithic, vegan, as well as aspects of other diets.

What diet plan do you believe won???!?!

Basically = genuine FOOD WINS!

“A diet plan of minimally processed foods close to nature, predominantly plants, is decisively connected with health and wellness promotion as well as illness prevention.” Dr. David Katz (source)

Basically – what Michael Pollen said, “Eat food, not as well much. mainly plants.”

I extremely suggest Pollan’s book – Food rules for the fundamentals on this.

So go at it as well as eat those plants. just don’t invite this woman Camiseta CF Monterrey to your vegan party.

In conclusion… don’t run so Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Serbia much as well as eat plants. The end.

One of those is realistic for me. The other, not-so-much. Oh well. 50/50 is great for me!

Reminder: We online in a world where the ‘news’ is constantly telling us what is going to kill or remedy us. take in the info as well as do your own research study as well as utilize your typical sense before altering anything. Do what’s finest for YOU.

Question: What is easier for you – exercise or eating healthy?



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