Too much Pizza

I was at Starbucks until about 1pm when I chose to break for lunch. But, I didn’t have the automobile so my options were very limited. I wasn’t feeling a Starbucks egg Camiseta Brighton & Hove Albion FC sandwich, so I chose to go next door and get a big ol’ deli sub from Ralphs.

I don’t like doing straight up veggie sandwiches because they don’t keep me full for 5 minutes, but they were out of tuna. Fail.
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I ended up with the egg salad and tons of veggies! The man went a little overboard with the mustard and it was overpowering. Oh well.

As soon as I purchased my sandwich Ben concerned switch out the automobile and I spent a couple hours running errands.

When I got home I was hungry out of nowhere and devoured an apple, orange and some PB pretzels. I didn’t need 2 pieces of fruit, but it happened.

I finally figured out what I’m doing for the Foodbuzz Foodie gift exchange. I’m kinda sad it’s not funny, but all my funny ideas were borderline offensive useless and I didn’t want someone to be like, “Great, what am I going to finish with this piece of crap…”

Around 7pm I went to make dinner, but got a call from Ben that he needed a ride home. When I finally got home I threw a Costco take and bake pizza in the oven ($3 off this week!) and made quick salads.

Regarding the title: I know what you’re thinking – Can there really be too much pizza? Yes, unfortunately, today there was.

I ought to have stopped at 2 pieces because after 3 pieces of pizza and a Vitatop (and maybe a bite or two of Ben’s ice cream)  I felt like I was going to explode. This is my most significant issue best now – stopping before I’m full because I always eat past fullness and feel like crap. That is my new project for the month ?

This is how I feel:

Where’s my enormous shirt?!

Winner of the subway very fan Giveaway: Ella – please email me your info!

I’m very with you on the Camiseta Manchester City Laila Ali/pink boxing gloves juxtaposition. I feel like it’s a good representation of me, tomboyish and girly all at once.I like your blog and second the above reader’s comment about it being soo refreshing and real, but also I think you ought to change and develop however feels best to Camiseta Sport Club Internacional you.

Tomorrow morning I will be off to San Francisco for Foodbuzz! If you’re going, please tell me “word up!”. If you’re not going, then please follow along through RER and see what goes down ?

I hope my flight has wifi…



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